Why Choose Quick Step Flooring

Por qué elegir los suelos Quick Step

This time we’re going to tell you about one of the laminate floors that we work with in Larmario, QUICK-STEP floors.

QUICK-STEP is a world-leading brand in laminate flooring, and it is also an affordable and quality alternative for your floors at home.

Thanks to this type of floor and to the great variety of colours and textures that it offers you have an array of possibilities when decorating your home. White, natural, dark or even greyish finishes… All of which are able to create a perfect base for the furniture you have in mind.

And why Quick Step?

There is no doubt that there is a huge variety of brands and products on the market, but our first choice would always be Quick Step. Why?

  • Easy installation: The installation of these laminate floorings is very simple but that doesn’t necessarily imply that we have to install it.
  • High resistance: Quick Step floors have a clear top layer that makes them very resistant to wear, as well as making them strong against stains, knocks, burns and domestic chemicals.
  • High quality design: These floors have a high-resolution photograph inside it produced with high-quality printing techniques, which is the finished with a melamine resin, offering a great result.
  • Excellent finish: Inside, Quick Step floors contain a stabilizing layer, which guarantees a perfect level finish without curves, bumps or unwanted inclinations.

Enjoying a Quick Step laminate floor is within everyone’s reach due to its wide range, ease of installation and competitive prices. However, a perfect finish requires an installation preferably made by professionals of the sector, and this is where Larmario can help you. Contact us without obligation and start the change that you dream of for your home!