Custom doors in Seville and Malaga

With the Larmario Doors collection you will find a multitude of solutions for your space, capable of giving the personality space from the first impression.

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In Larmario we are aware of the importance of a door and its finishes when it comes to completing the desired environment in a space or environment.

Therefore, we have an extensive collection of doors of different models, colors and finishes. It will depend on your tastes, your interests, the decoration of the home or how our customers want to decorate their walls.

Our entire collection is intended to provide our customers with the closest possible end result to their ideas.

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Do we talk about your project?

Do you want us to shape your project? In LARMARIO we can design your project together and make it happen. You can view it in 3D and have a personalized budget.


Visit our catalog of custom cabinets and dressing rooms, doors and floors. Custom design and 100% financing.

Folding-door cabinets

Sliding-door cabinets

Dressing rooms


What do our customers say...

Nothing more important than the opinion of our customers. These are some of the testimonies that have been transmitted to us from our work.


Variety and style at your fingertips.

In Larmario we have different catalogs that you can view and download in PDF format, as well as find them physically in our stores.

Minicost, company, design, colonial, elegant, imagine … A wide range of options to which we can add our range of dressing rooms, doors and floors Quick Step.

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