In Larmario we are an official QUICK STEP center, so we have very special discounts of the brand, which together with the professional assembly make us the most profitable option to install your floor with maximum guarantees.

Visit our flooring collection and find just what you are looking for in your space. A floor that contributes to generate the ideal environment you have in mind for each place.

Quick-Step Floors

We know that every new project is the beginning of something new, decorating a new house, preparing a baby’s room, completely changing our space or simply the need to live something new.

The soil is one of the most important elements, so much so that it is the basis of everything. At Quick-Step we want your project to become a reality with the maximum guarantees, offering you a product of high design and designed to last for many years.

Find out what only Quick-Step can offer you.

Vinyl flooring: natural look and distinctive warmth

Do you dream of a luxury bathroom that exudes elegance and guarantees comfort? While you enjoy the satisfaction of warm feet in the morning and a lovely wood look, we guarantee the ultimate water and scratch resistant floor. Do you prefer a natural stone look in your kitchen? With our wide variety of different styles and types, you are sure to find the perfect vinyl flooring for your home.

What our customers say...

Nothing is more important than the opinion of our customers. These are some of the testimonials we have received about our work.

Custom-made closets and dressing rooms | Larmario
Do we talk about your project?

Do you want us to shape your project? In LARMARIO we can design together your project and make it a reality. You will be able to visualize it in 3D and have a customized quotation.


Variety and style at your fingertips.

In Larmario we have different catalogs that you can view and download in PDF format, as well as find them physically in our stores.

Minicost, business, design, colonial, elegant, imagine… A wide range of options to which we can add our range of Quick Step dressers, doors and floors.


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