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When space is more limited, our sliding doors are the best option for your closet. Get functionality without losing the style your space deserves.

Sliding-door cabinets | Elegant | Larmario

Larmario launches ‘Elegant’, a collection of exclusive designs for customers with exquisite tastes.

Avant-garde yet distinguished, this series of cabinets boast of compositions with cleverly combined materials, lacquered crystals with mirrors and other coloured glass, together with an impeccable finish in the manufacturing.

Sliding-door cabinets | Design | Larmario

The creation of this new series of cabinets arises from the collaboration of international designers, with the aim of creating innovative and quality products.

In this collection of the vanguard, different materials and compositions are used to create an aesthetic harmony so sought after today. Our Design collection offers thousands of possibilities of cabinetry compositions to meet your needs.

Sliding-door cabinets | Colonial | Larmario

This series of cabinets, that make up the colonial collection, transmit many pleasant sensations.

The tones of warm woods and simple shapes merge together to create what we call “the charm of the new rustic.”This new style has a light appearance and does not visually charge the rooms, making it ideal for every home.

According to our design consultants, in every composition that we offer can always incorporate an element of this collection.

Sliding-door cabinets | Imagine | Larmario

The Imagine collection offers an array of possibilities. With a landscape photograph, you can change the appearance of an entire room, giving a view of spectacular dimensions. We can also work with the image of a loved one.

The finish of the cabinet is resistant and washable. In this process, like in all processes carried out in our production centres, strict quality controls are applied in order to offer our customers the best results.

Sliding-door cabinets | Minicost | Larmario

We work with a group of expert designers with the same philosophy: Create designs that contain simplicity, functionality and appeal.

Within the series that makes up this collection, we can find gentle designs, sweet and harmonious or contrasting and abstract, and all with the character given by manufacturing with a strict quality policy.

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