Custom-made dressing rooms in Seville and Malaga

Integrated in your bedroom or in some other space, having a walk-in closet is a dream that you can make come true with Larmario. It is always a good idea to take advantage of a corner.

The dressing room may be the room in the home that brings the most pleasure to a person who is passionate about fashion, clothes and trends. This intimate place allows us to set a certain order in our wardrobe to feel more comfortable when choosing the right garment.

In Larmario we have extensive experience in designing and planning projects with custom dressing rooms. We also have multiple devices for the reorganization and placement of specific elements, this is what we call complements.


The integrated lighting on the shelves and sides, the melamine in elm saby tone and the black lacquered details create an atmosphere of clarity, order and a certain sophistication in your dressing room.


Completely dominate your entire dressing room space at a glance from the seat integrated into the center island. The optimized and personalized distribution will make your daily life easier and with the japandi melamine finish you will bring serenity and warmth to the space.

Japandi melamine combined with gu gray backs.

Custom-made closets and dressing rooms | Larmario
Do we talk about your project?

Do you want us to shape your project? In LARMARIO we can design together your project and make it a reality. You will be able to visualize it in 3D and have a customized quotation.

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Variety and style at your fingertips.

In Larmario we have different catalogs that you can view and download in PDF format, as well as find them physically in our stores.

Minicost, business, design, colonial, elegant, imagine… A wide range of options to which we can add our range of Quick Step dressers, doors and floors.


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