In Larmario we manufacture custom cabinets and doors

About us?

Larmario starts with a clear and defined criterion in its future planning, which are summarized in a technological development at the highest level in the production centers, the integration and total involvement of the human team to achieve the most important goal of all and what It gives real meaning to our activity: Get the total satisfaction of our customers.

Larrmario’s R&D policy has led us to position ourselves in an advantageous way in the sector, with an innovative production system following the personalization and preferences of our customers, providing the best solutions that are plated in each case. Everything is made to measure, to the millimeter, so that our customers can enjoy a product adapted to their needs.

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For Larmario, taking care of our products is taking care of our customers. That is why we invest a lot of time and effort in making our jobs a benchmark for innovation and quality, so that our consumers can choose Larmario for the prestige of the brand without worrying about anything else.

Environmental commitment

Larmario is a company that actively participates in caring for the environment and its preservation. Sustainability, our lifestyle and its necessary balance with the environment demands concrete facts and tangible actions.

Therefore, in all departments, there is a recycling policy and an awareness of the optimization of production systems by the company’s personnel. All waste materials are deposited in recycling centres.


Our commercial consultants have a system to develop projects, with this technology we are able to instantly obtain a 3D Design in full colour of the product, facilitating the customer’s visualization.

What do our customers say...

Nothing more important than the opinion of our customers. These are some of the testimonies that have been transmitted to us from our work.

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Do we talk about your project?

Do you want us to shape your project? In LARMARIO we can design your project together and make it happen. You can view it in 3D and have a personalized budget.

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