What is the perfect closet?

Cómo es el armario perfecto

Soon, we’ll start changing our wardrobes around, take out all the clothes and shoes that we stored in boxes during the winter and hang them back in our wardrobes. It’s in this moment that we’d like to have lots of space, full of shelves and drawers where we can have all our things in good order and therefore not resorting to other extra storage systems, such as plastic boxes and bags, that we stack under the bed or on top of the closet.

If you need a more functional wardrobefunctional wardrobe, you need us.

Essential for your perfect wardrobe

Investing money in a wardrobe or dressing room is one of the best investments we can make in your home. When buying quality furniture you will be betting on durable and long-lasting items.

When choosing the size of your wardrobe, we’ll be limited by the space of the room. For this reason, it is advisable to choose large cabinets, with sliding doors, if space is not a problem, folding doors could do the trick.

The finish of the wardrobe is also key. You can integrate it with the style that you have chosen for the bedroom or use other textures, lacquer, wood or combine with mirrors to make it the true protagonist of the space.

As for the interior distribution, it is convenient to stop and think seriously about this aspect, because the design that we make will depend on the functionality of the cabinet. Thus, we will have to weigh how the garments are going to be stored, in order to determine the number of shelves we’ll need. If we place bars at different heights, what type of drawers and what size, as well as interior divisions and accessories, not forgetting the shoe rack.

All these aspects are the ones that we have to take into account, with that in mind we will design the perfect closet for each room of your home..

The importance of choosing the right doors for your wardrobe

As we discussed earlier, our choice of wardrobes will be conditioned by the space we have and based on this, we will choose the type of closet and door system that best suits you.

As you know, there are three types of doors for cabinets, sliding doors and two different types of folding doors. In cases where the depth space is approximately 60 cm, ideally we would use folding doors.   With wardrobe depths of over 70 cm, we can talk about the use of folding doors and sliding doors.

In cupboards with a bottom width of up to 1.10 cm, it is ideal to use folding doors as oppose to sliding doors. In the case of higher width measurements, the use of one or the other door is less relevant, although the use of sliders is more common.

Also, in this choice, we can not overlook the location of your closet inside the room and the elements that surround it, e.g. swing doors.

Interior distribution of cabinets

If we want to make the most out of the interior space we’ll have to look at a number of very important aspects:

  • The drawers must have guides with complete extraction and with brakes, this way, the access will be very comfortable and we’ll see the hwole interior at a glance.
  • Arranging shelves of different sizes and different heights is very practical.
  • The shoe rack has become an essential element of a wardrobe.
  • Havingdesignated areas for neckties and scarves, as well as other accessories is also another essential item.
  • Gaining height by reaching the ceiling with the wardrobes is extra storage that we should not waste. We can store clothes we don’t use much and use more accessible areas for the garments we use everyday.