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Your project is better with QUICK-STEP

We know that every project is the beginning of something new, the decoration of a new house, preparing a baby’s room, completely changing your space or simply the need to live a new experience.

The flooring is one of the most important elements, so much so that it is the basis of everything. In Quick-Step we want your project to come true with the maximum guarantees, offering you a product of high design and made to last.

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Distribuidor oficial en Málaga de Quick - Step

LARMARIO, an official QUICK-STEP distributor in Málaga

Larmario is the official distributor of Quick-Step in Malaga, the leading brand in the laminate flooring of high design and which offers maximum guarantees of durability and resistance. You can find us on our own website as an authorized distributor.


Together we form the perfect solution

Quick-Step offers its customers the perfect laminate flooring for each project and every client. Quick-Step is at the forefront of laminate flooring, offering quality, comfort and durability. Our floors stand out for their excellent quality as much as for the ease of assembly and maintenance.

The secret of our success lies in our attention to detail. Every aspect counts when it comes to developing the laminate floors of our clients. We have a team of exclusive Quick-Step designers, who create collections that are always up-to-date and of the highest quality.

Nothing easier than installing a Quick-Step floor. In fact, we have put a lot of effort and interest in creating a simple, practical and functional system that allows us to place our floor in a versatile and time-efficient way. For this reason, we have created the patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit systems.

These systems are much simpler and more comfortable than any other type of laminate flooring assembly solution, as well as guaranteeing a perfect assembly in difficult places, such as corners and under doors.

Quick-Step systems can also be installed on heated floors.

Our floors durability is a key factor in Quick-Step,  offering up to a 25-year Warranty. This is achieved through the use of fibre panels developed in high density (HDF) of internal manufacture, which offers greater protection against impacts, as well as occasional scratches and daily wear and tear.

In addition, the Quick-Step manufacturing standards give greater resistance to light, as well as ensuring that dust does not accumulate, avoiding hours of unnecessary cleaning.

The Quick-Step system offers excellent resistance to water, which is achieved through the pre-stressing phase of the manufacturing process. This means splashing will never be a  problem for a Quick-Step floor. So you can always walk on quiet floors made with the Quick-Step Uniclic system.

Quick-Step is committed to taking care of all the details, no matter how small. Therefore, the colour and structure of the plates have been developed so that they can combine perfectly. The result we achieve with this process is to provide our laminate floors with an unmatched realism compared to other laminate floors.

All our laminate floors are mounted on a solid click system. Therefore our Uniclic system has become a reference in the sector, with an international reputation. This system not only guarantees a more resistant and durable response.


In LARMARIO we can design your project together and make it happen.

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“Very happy in general. The treatment has been excellent and the floor assembly great. We had a small mishap and warning on a Friday afternoon, on Saturday morning the assembler came to my house to solve it.
Of course I recommend them.”

“Great professionals, from the staff that attends the office to those who do it at home. I’m very happy with my wardrobe!”

“Very happy with the results. Great professionals, absolutely recommended. No problems.”

Alfredo Díaz, on our Facebook page

“We decided to work with Larmario because the service and attention we received were outstanding. They listened to us, gave us solutions to every problem and factory prices were evident. We definitely recommend working with them, we are very satisfied.”

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